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My personal fitness philosophy is derived from my experience with the British Army and years in the security profession. In that line of work the goal of fitness is the speed, strength, co-ordination, and endurance you need to walk away from a fight. Fitness, in that context is a matter of survival. There's no room for mumbo-jumbo or unscientific practices, only results.

I was born and raised in Leicestershire in the English Midlands. Growing up I was an awkward, skinny kid with no athletic ability what so ever. When I joined the Army I was so underweight for 

my height that I had to be put under special supervision just to make it through basic training. This experience was to be the platform upon which I built my future fitness plans. In due course I took over as the chief medic for a tier 1 special operations unit which made me directly responsible for the health and wellness of my fellow soldiers. This experience endowed me with a deep desire to help people achieve fitness in a meaningful, functional way.


In 2009, I married and immigrated to the United States. I quickly discovered the competitive weightlifting scene and began training to take part. I discovered that the fitness scene had been infiltrated by unscientific fads. Thus, I resolved to obtain my own U.S. certification as a fitness professional so I could do my part in clearing away these nonsensical ideas, making it easier for people to find the information they need to meet their goals. Now I'm living my passion at EcoPower Fitness where I get to help people obtain truly meaningful results!

James can help you:


- Increase your strength

- Learn proper weight lifting form and technique

- Create explosive power and agility

- Trim your waist line

- Increase your muscular tone and gain lean muscle mass

- Gain the confidence you need in and out of the gym


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